At Bussink Machinery International we are passioned about coffee in every detail.
We like all the new roasters that are developed and we love the golden oldies.
In the more than 25 years we are in the business it came to our attention that if people want to start in the busines or want to grade up their capacity.

The easiest way is by starting with a new roaster.
That easiest way isn't always the solution!

For the love of vintage we have launched our platform
to help you find your desired roaster or to help you sell your roaster

There are enough roasters in the market that could do another round in roasting.
Older machines are build to last a long time and can be a great start up or size up.
And that is were we can help!

This is how Roasterbroker works.

You have got a roaster for sale and want our help?
Together we will agree on te minimal selling price, a percentage will be for us.
If we sell the roaster for more than the selling minimal we will split the difference!

To have your roaster on your website we have to do some labour, we will charge you an agreed amount of money,
We will put it online, give notice about it in all of our socials, newsletters, mailings.
We keep it online for at least 2 months (if sold we take it off ) .
You sold your roaster in this period? We get our commission anyway!
We didn't sell it? After two months we will evaluate with you about what we have to do to make sure it will be sold.

You are looking for a roaster?
Together we will agree about what you want, what your budget is and what our costs will be.
We will check all our resources and put your request online.
We will negotiate with the seller for your best price, if we stay within your budget, we will split the difference.

Roasterbroker strongly by service

If needed we can provide you with all service you need. You want your roaster refurbished? We can provide it.
You need a taxatation? We make the best deal.

Buy or sell your roaster with the help of Roasterbroker.