We developed air-cleaners for different sizes of roasters.

It's our mission to create clean air for you and your environment.

We developed two types of cleaners, our table model (standing aircleaner) and our vertical/ horizontal air cleaner wich is build in between your roaster and the chimney.

Our air-cleaners are designed for small roasters up to 25 kilo pro batch.
Easy maintenance and low costs .

We created the most reliable and effective way to passivly reduce smoke and odeur during roasting.

Through our efficient methode there is no gas needed , only 220 volt

The filtration system filters in 3 stages and each stage filters particles in order of size.
The filters are easily accessible for cleaning through a removable panel.
The initial filters are easy to clean by running under hot water.
The larger filters are easy to remove and replace by consumer and replacements are readily available.
Because of the organic particulates they are easily disposable.

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